Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Large To Do List..

Tiny Blue Crochet Pin cushionI don't expect anyone to read this post really. It's mostly just a reminder to myself of the stuff that I've signed up for/volunteered for over the next few weeks... First, and of most interest to you, dear reader, is the Great Big Etsy Midlanders Giveaway Competition. I can't tell you just how Big and how Great this giveaway is going to be. Put Sunday in your diary and get ready to sign up for the 1st round of prizes.

Over at UKHandmade I'm taking part in their 1st ever
Artist Trading Card swap. I had no idea what ATCs were (learning all the time!) but as soon as I had a look at some of the ATC groups on Flickr I had to sign up. Just take a look at some of the brilliant work in the Fabric and Textile ATC group. Our 1st theme is Trees - and my 1st ever ATC is just about complete - I'm looking forward to seeing what other people have made, especially as some of my favourite crafters have also signed up.

I've also signed up for
Claire's Pin Cushion swap. As I've really got an enthusiasm for pin cushions at the moment (a brilliant opportunity to mix crochet and fabric), this hopefully isn't going to be too stressful. Just to make this a less tedious list of stuff I have to do - here's a pic of one of my recent pin repositories.

Finally I've just this minute decided to take part in
Kitschy Coo's Design-It-Yourself Clothes Sew-Along. The group is using Cal Patch's book, Design-It Yourself Clothes, which is an introduction to making your own patterns. I bought it last week but definitely need some motivation at having a go - so here's the kick up the arse that I need. My dream is to own a pair of trousers that fit... But we are starting simple with the skirt. As I appear to only have 10 days, I better get ON....


Anonymous said...

Oh that is cuuuute.

PepperPi Pals said...

Hi Ali!
I've featured you lovely blog in my blog post "Blogs to Follow". Hope you like it :)

Clair x

Craft Matters said...

Thanks Clair - that's so great! What an honour!