Friday, 11 June 2010

Getting all prepared!

I'm off to the Creative Open Workshops Handmade Fair tomorrow, so I'm getting myself sorted today - finishing off a few bits of pieces, doing some ironing (yawnnnnnn....) and making price labels.  I've also taken advantage of the sudden appearance of the sun to dash out and put a net over my French beans - now they've finally germinated, something (wood pigeons maybe?) wants to nibble them.  

I've just this minute finished this fab market trader apron so that I can keep my huge stash of cash nice and safe:

I used this ace tutorial by KitschyKoo (yes, I copied her spotty fabric choice too - what can I say, I'm easily influenced).  The floral fabric is some groovy Free Spirit stuff that I picked up cheap at Abakhan (genius shop).  Feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow because I've decided to go on the train - hopefully there wont be any hold ups and my bags wont be too heavy!  Wish me luck!


Kitschy Coo said...

Ooo, I like it a lot! I haven't seen that print on Abakhan's before, it's lovely :) Hope you fill it with lots of money!

Georgina said...

Hope you have a fabulous and profitable day!!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Hope the day went well. I love the apron - that fabric is delicious!

gtlady said...

HOpe your pinny was stuffed full of cash! Not to much though, don't want to spoil the line - it is gorgeous and I love the 2 fabrics togheter x

LissC said...

This apron is so super cute! I don't sew, but when i see cute things like this I wish I did :)

Have a fun day!