Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's hard...

to concentrate and compose your first ever blog post when the rest of your family are playing flying monkeys in the next room... and anyway, I'm not really sure that I am a blog-type person (what is that anyway?). So it's really hard to know where to start with this thing.

But I can't look at a blank screen forever so here we go. What I want to do is try & chronicle our efforts at setting up a family business whilst having a fun family life. And to talk about my enthusiasm for all things homespun & crafty.

At the minute I am working on some new ideas for Christmas craft kits to sell in our shop. It's quite hard to know at the moment whether people are liking our stuff - we've only been up & running a few days so we've not had much sales action. But I am really enthusiastic & what to add a few more kits before we hit December - so not long to go really if we are going to do it. And I guess if they don't sell we can always try again next year!

I have various projects I want to get off the ground too for Christmas gifts. I am going to do a teacosy (indulging my new found love of crochet) for the ILs. They'll also get a bottle of homemade sloe gin.

I want to make panforte for various friends & rellies but I have yet to work out how to package them... I was thinking of doing papier mache gift boxes but that is not working out so well atm. Maybe I will look for some customisable tins on Ebay.

I want to make felt purses/bags for a couple of little girls I know & some felt flower brooches too. Err, how long have I got again?

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