Thursday, 26 June 2008

UK Etsy Sellers (part 2) - Vintage Inspiration

This post has been brewing for a while but I have been so so busy lately I just haven't had time to get it finished. I have been blogging over on Seasonal Matters about my jam making activities, making a ton of biscuits whilst we've had the plumbers in & working on a new messenger-style bag & some very cute crochet & fabric pin cushions. And of course there has been the football & the tennis to distract me. Thank goodness there is a short window before the Olympics starts up.

I'll probably end up adding to this post over time - there is some lovely stuff out there and I am sure that I'm going to find more as I do more exploring. One lesson that's come out of my searches is that a lot of people don't use the tagging system on Etsy very effectively. I must confess that I didn't think to tag my stuff with 'UK' until I noticed it in someone else's shop, but it really is important if you want UK buyers to find you.

Anyway, this time my theme is folks who make use of or who sell vintage materials. First up is Pouch - I love them so much I actually bought something (a most beautiful belt - see left) from them which is totally ace. The fabric is really reminiscent of the curtains of our family caravan in the 1970s so I have a sunny holiday feeling every time I wear it. That's one of the attractions of vintage of course - different fabrics & styles have happy associations with people & places we have loved. Pouch have a great blog too which is well worth a look.

I am a huge fan of the dresses at Vintage Vacations - if only they had any in my size at the moment (I am assured that they are on their way!). I really love the way that the vintage fabrics have been used with real imagination & style. Helen says she especially loves vintage table linens & that really shows in the way she makes use of them.

Abi Bansal Designs is another shop where great use is made of vintage fabrics - primarily in bags. If I didn't make bags myself then I would definitely turn here if I wanted a new one! There are some great designs for bags (see left) & clothes here too & the shop owner also has a lovely blog that is well worth a look.

One more for now & that's Ruby C Quin's. There are some fabulous vintage buttons here & a really excellent selection of vintage sewing & knitting patterns. This doesn't really count as vintage but I wanted to include the very beautiful sea glass that the seller collects & sells. It really is gorgeous & reminds me again of family holidays. I spent vast amounts of time myself on Scottish holidays collecting sea glass. My mum & dad weren't too impressed that I filled up the car with carrier bags full of all this sandy stuff. What a really good idea to sell it.

So, that's it for now. It's taken me about 2 weeks for me to write this post. Hopefully the next one wont be quite so slooooow.

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Me, You and Magoo said...

Many thanks for including us on your blog! I have a complete addiction to vintage fabric and I totally agree with the nostalgia aspect of vintage, plus they just don't make fabric like that anymore!