Monday, 7 July 2008

A new pincushion

I've been missing crocheting a lot over the last few weeks - it' s such a useful craft because you can pick it up & do a round or a row any time you get the opportunity, which with 2 4-year-olds running around is a real bonus. It's also great to do in front of the TV! I also wanted to experiment with using crochet & fabric together AND I have some huge great bags of stuffing material to use, so a new pincushion seemed like a good idea. I think the fabric & the cotton yarn look great together. I've just used what I think of as single crochet at the moment (I am now totally confused about the UK v USA crochet stitch names)& a scrap of gorgeous Kaffe Fassett material I had to be used up. It measures around 6cm across which I guess a lot of people would think is a bit big for a pincushion but I rather like large pincushions - nice & easy for me to find amidst all my clutter. I'll probably do the next one a little smaller if I can get my crochet under control.

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lottie said...

I love it!! Will you be making some to sell? I want to buy one!