Thursday, 8 January 2009

50 Things Challenge - my first 10

I've decided to take part in the 50 Things Challenge that I've read about in the excellent Eat, Drink and Be Crafty blog. The Challenge is to list and make 50 things during the year - it doesn't sound that much I guess, but then you realise it's a project a week!!! And as I've got rotten back ache at the moment as a result of picking up a large child yesterday so it doesn't feel like I'm ever going to do any crafting again... hopefully it isn't too ambitious a plan. I'm going to include the things I've already finished or started this year to give me a bit of a head start. I am also just going to do 10 at a time because what I need to make and feel inspired to make can change so much over the months. So here goes with my 1st 10:

1) 1 pair blue fabric hairclips for sale on Etsy. Done and dusted, listed on Etsy and pictured left. They are very pretty!
2) 1 neckwarmer/scarflet in RYC soft tweed, see post below & listed for sale on Etsy
3) 1 pair pink dog rose hairclips for sale on Etsy. Done!
4) 1 large black tweed corsage. Now for sale on Etsy
5) 1 baby gift for my friend's new baby Elsie (but not going to say what it is until it's done!)
6) 1 pair of daisy hairclips for my friend's daughter Molly
7) 1 slouch bag with huge floral pattern in brown & turquoise for sale on Etsy
8) 1 slouch bag in gorgeous rich gold fabric for sale on Etsy
9) 1 fabric/crochet/knitted (haven't decided yet) hair band to keep my hair out of the way when gardening (what, something for me?!)
10) 1 lily pad felt needle book for sale on Etsy

There's also a Flickr Group for the 50 Things Challenge so take a look and see what people have been up to.


Caroline said...

Ooh, K is loving those hairclips! :) Very pretty. I like the challenge idea, might have to join you...but do I count my cakes as one item each or one item per half-dozen? Cos I've already done 12 this year...:)

Hannah said...

I've submitted my first project, this was a brilliant idea :) I love the hair clips, very pretty. xxx

Craft Matters said...

Know what you mean Hannah - it's great to have the motivation! I've finished another pair of hairclips tonight...

jillytacy said...

You're on your way! Ten down and it's only the beginning of January. You're going to have a productive year!