Monday, 12 January 2009

All I need was a little motivation...

Getting Back to Crochet
This year feels like it's got off to a very creative start. Perhaps it's being set free of the constraints of working on all the Christmas orders but I suddenly seem to have more ideas and a lot more enthusiasm for working on new projects.

It feels especially good to have my crochet hook on the go again! I started on 2 new crochet brooches last night (must update my 50 Things list). These have always been good sellers, and I thought I'd try a slightly different pattern to extend my range. Really enjoyed doing them and should have them in the shop by the end of the week.

What I have learned since Christmas is that I can no longer casually keep my wool basket downstairs & within reach of 2 little boys... Their obsession with Wallace and Gromit means that there have been several attempts to recreate the Wool Shop scenes from 'A Close Shave', i.e., wool in a big mess everywhere! What fun I have had sorting out the resulting tangled disaster! My wool basket now lives on top of my wardrobe which is a little less convenient but far less time-consuming!

Another Project Completed

For ages now I have wanted to make some fabric corsages to sell in the shop... I like the idea of using up some of the 1000s of smaller bits of fabric that I can't use for bags or clothes. It helps that I really like them myself, so I get lots of creative ideas about what I would like to make, and I don't mind keeping all the prototypes that went a bit wrong for myself!!

This tweedy fabric seemed to really lend itself to being made into a corsage because it's quite thick, has an interesting texture & some sparkly threads. Also I only had a small piece of the fabric and couldn't think what else to do with it!

The petals are semi-circles cut out individually and then sewn with a gathering stitch, overlapped slightly, onto one piece of thread. The thread is then pulled tight to gather up all the petals and sewn onto a piece of backing fabric to secure it. The centre part consists of some looped shiny black and silver fabric and 3 grey faceted buttons. I think it looks great, but it is pretty big so makes quite a statement.

The other great thing is that it is another item off my 50 Things list. As the title says, I just needed a bit of motivation really!


Molly Anne said...

You do really lovely work.
Hurray for motivation!

Kitty Ballistic said...

That's really lovely!

jillytacy said...

It gorgeous! I love it! And you have another item crossed off your list.
I'm glad you untangled yourselves from your version of the wool shop. I think I'd hide the wool basket after that too!