Friday, 6 November 2009

Treats for the Domestic Goddess

It's time for another look round MISI for some fabulous handcrafted goodies. This time I thought I'd go with a kitchen theme (perhaps because I spent yesterday evening writing a post about Christmas Baking on our Christmas Matters blog). I think these are practically irresistible and would make fantastic gifts for the cooks/bakers in your house (me, me, me...).

summerfiled chopping boardFirst up are the gorgeous 50s style trays, chopping boards and mugs produced by Eskil Designs. These are at the top of my Christmas wishlist. You can read more about Eskil Designs and designer Emilia Ljungberg at the Print and Design blog. The lovely colours she uses in this design say frosty morning to me. Wouldn't it be nice to prepare your Christmas lunch on this lovely chopping board?

tea cups tea cosyThere are lots of lovely kitchenwares at Charlotte Macey's Textiles. This tea cosy is a favourite of mine. I like her use of natural materials and her embroidery is very stylish. The photography used in her shop is great too - I urge you to pop round and have a look at the aprons and tea towels, some with a fab beach hut design.

cotton kitchen tea towelI love typography (must come from my days of working a newspaper archive..), and so would find it very hard to actually use this tea towel designed by Taylors Typographical Art Posters. The good news is that the designer has a similar version (with lots of lovely colours) on a poster. When I get my new kitchen...

Bubinga PlatterAnd finally, something a bit different - I think this platter would make a wonderful cheese board. Bodrighy Wood also has some lovely honey dippers, bowls, goblets and pestle & mortars. And if things get a bit much for you with all that Christmas cooking - there's always the rolling pin...

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Beautiful choices!