Sunday, 2 May 2010

Claire's Pin Cushion Swap

I'm so busy doing tons of creating in preparation for my 1st ever craft fair (have I mentioned this before??!!) next week, that this blog has been severely neglected. But, even though I feel quite panicky to be separated from my sewing machine just now, I really do need to do a little round up of the swaps I participated in during April - especially now that May is here!

First up is Claire's Pin Cushion Swap... My swap partner was Jessica of Frosted Treats. She was really quick of the mark in getting my swap gift to me (a swap swot indeed!) - look at the dinky little pin cushion she made:
Lovely pin cushion from Jessica

It's so pretty and such a great idea to use a pretty cup as the base of the cushion. It's already seen plenty of use - it's very useful to have such a stable pin cushion to shove pins into when I'm feeling full of sewing frustrations...! She also sent me loads of lovely extra goodies (yarn, pretty buttons, trims and more!), all with a blue theme. What a treat!

My return gift was sent at almost the very last minute - no change there then! - and I'm afraid that DISASTER STRUCK... (I may be overstating this a little)... it got caught up in all the volcanic ash delays and so Jessica had to wait very patiently for her swap goodies to arrive. Here's what I sent...

Pin cushion for Claire's Pin cushion swap

Jessica makes gorgeous cupcake beads for her Etsy shop, so I thought a cupcake theme was the obvious choice. I think she liked it - I certainly enjoyed making it. A very successful swap all round. You can see all the other pin cushions that were swapped over at the Flickr pool. Thanks to the very talented Claire for setting it up.


PepperPi Pals said...

Hope you have a good craft fair next week...I'm sure you'll do well and enjoy it :)

Clair x

Craft Matters said...

Thanks Clair - and thanks for the lovely award too!

Georgina said...

So wishing you the best for your craft fair.
Love the pincushion you made - I really want to make one and I have read that crushed walnut shells is a good filling - what do you use?