Sunday, 25 November 2007

Finally finished something!

I am feeling very pleased with the cutsey bag:

I like the shape especially - and the detachable flower brooch. It's made with yet more of the 100% wool felt that I really love to work with. It is so simple & beautiful to use & makes the difference between it & other types of cheaper felt all too obvious. The bag is designed for kids - it's only about 12cm across and I am really hoping that it will appeal to the recipient. I was thinking of making one for her sister also, but am not sure what colour to go with. I might go with the same colours but perhaps with a different design for the brooch.

The great thing about the bag is that it is very straightforward to make - it really requires the bare minimum of sewing skills, so I am wondering if it would be a good project for our craft kit business. I am sure that it would be quite straightforward for a child of perhaps 7 and over to sew & very easy for an adult to make as a gift. I guess the only way to find out is to stick it on Ebay & see if we get any takers...

Working with this felt is making me feel very very inspired to have a go at making my own felt. It would be lovely to have control over the colours (although I really like the colours created by the people I buy from currently). After Christmas I think I will investigate doing a course if we can come up with the cash. I guess if I use the skills for the craft business then we can justify it.

I have also ALMOST finished the dreaded tea cosy but have yet to sew it all together. I think it is going to look really nice - let's just hope the ILs haven't bought a different shaped teapot since we last visited. I also don't have the right shaped teapot to use for a photo - so I am going to have to work out another way to show it in its full glory.

Yesterday we had a fun time making saltdough Christmas decorations with the kids & some friends. They came out pretty well & I think I will add the project idea to our Christmas website later on today.

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