Friday, 23 November 2007


Well, I was hoping to post today with a photo of the completed tea cosy, but I have 2 problems. 1) I need teapot measurements so I know where to leave a gap for the handle, and 2) I am not sure the wool I have chosen for the groovy topknot on the cosy really goes with the wool in the main body. Grrrrr at me!! It looked great as yarn but knitted up it looks a lot more green than I thought. Oh well, I will have a think & hopefully get the blimmin' thing finished before Christmas Eve.

I have, however, got the prototype of the cutsey bag all worked out so I am off to have a go at stitching a real one in a minute. So maybe I will be able to include a picture of that tomorrow. The other thing I have to do is update our Christmas website with some recipes for sweets to make for Christmas gifts, and because it is St Nicholas' day very soon, I want to add a recipe or 2 for some traditional Dutch biscuits like spekulaas (yum) or pepernoten. I only wish I had some beautiful wooden moulds to cook them in.

Yesterday we made our Christmas mincemeat for mincepies - I have made 6lb which should keep us going for a while! It is maturing at the moment & I will probably pot it up in sterilised jars on Sunday.

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