Saturday, 5 January 2008

More hair stuff... working on ideas for the shop

This is really experimenting with stuff that I might or might not sell in the shop. I have lots & lots of gorgeous 100% wool felt to use and thought these clips might make a good thing to sell as ready made items & as kits. I am very pleased with these - I didn't have any yellow embroidery thread so thought I might try the orange instead. I actually think it looks great - bringing out the depth in the yellow and I love the contrast it makes with the absolutely fantastic green colour of the clip cover. Anyway, here they are:

The only thing I find difficult about them is that it is so hard to cut small bits of felt very accurately. It takes a lot of patience which is something is not a specialist subject of mine!

I am also working on some tote bags with some furnishing fabrics I got reduced at John Lewis. I am very pleased with the colours & they way they co-ordinate - especially as it was pretty much dependent on what I found in the remnant bin. The other ongoing project I am working on is some large drawstring bags (pump bags we used to call them at school) which I want to use for storing son of my sons' toys. They have lots & lots of little bitty things (they have phases of being absolutely fanatical about jigsaws & they love Playmobil) so it would be very good to find a better way to store them rather than all jumbled up a various boxes. If they work out well I am sure that I will probably think about doing them for the shop too - maybe with some applique felt decoration - can't keep me away from felt at the moment!

I spent some time this morning chopping off the front of lots of Xmas cards that we seem to have been saving for the last 4 years! I am trying to be organised about recycling them as decorations/Xmas cards/gift tags... terrifyingly organised for me in fact. We are going to take this years cards and decorations down in a minute. Sad it's all over for another year.

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Caroline said...

Ooh, those hairclips are lovely! Are they really fiddly to put together? I love working with felt - have you had a go at machine felting old woolly jumpers in the washing machine? I did some ages ago but haven't used it yet, I want to make some mittens.

That reminds me, I must put up some pics of the beaded hairpins I did ages ago. :)