Friday, 7 March 2008

Another pin cushion finally finished

This has been sitting around waiting to be finished off for days now - just haven't had a chance to get to my sewing machine to sew the sides. I like the way the colours look on this one - and now that the blobs are a bit closer together I think it looks better too. Thinking about it the colours really remind me of some of the photos that we have of our first garden in London. I am obviously attracted by this colour combination because I seem to be drawn to plants with these colours too.

What hasn't worked well is the edge stitching - this time I went for more curved corners but for me the corners still look a bit bumpy & uneven. I am not sure what I am doing wrong & I am wondering about unpicking it & having another go... I hate it when things don't go right the 1st time. Which is my downfall when it comes to crafting, I really haven't got much patience when things don't go right.

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