Friday, 6 June 2008

Little vests to celebrate an arrival

Actually I think we are supposed to call them onesies nowadays but I am resisting & insisting on vests... A virtual friend of mine has recently given birth to totally lovely twin girls & as a twin mum myself I know only too well how tough (and wonderful!) the 1st few days of being at home can be - you need all the support you can get - virtual or otherwise. Of course, the only thing I could do is send something celebratory & sustaining - so along with a bit of choccie & a pack of Yogi 'Calming' teabags I included these cute little vests. I expect they will only fit for about 5 minutes what with all the excellent mummy milk they will be getting, but never mind! I really enjoyed doing them - a challenging but reasonably quick little project for a new crocheter with very little patience!! I got the pattern from 201 Crochet Motifs by Melody Griffiths - she has patterns for every letter of the alphabet & I have wondered about doing all 26 for my sons - it could take me a while though... The thought of 'B' gives me the heebie geebies - perhaps I should start from 'Z'.

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Caroline said...

Oh, they're lovely! Well done, I'm sure they'll be appreciated.

I like Melody Griffiths, I have a few of her books - that purple shrug that gave me so much trouble is one of hers. Nearly done!