Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Our swap from Nature Girl has arrived!

Two posts in two days - what could possibly prompt such enthusiasm for my blog?? More wonderful swap gifts of course! Thanks to Jill and Nature Girl my boys are thinking that their birthday has come early this year...

As you can tell by their faces! I think they are quite pleased that mum has been getting into this swapping thing. They are huge fans of dinosaurs so the gifts, with their dinosaur theme, were just perfect.

First there were 2 gorgeous softies who are right at home in our very jungly garden. I love what Jill has done with the fleecy fabric here - especially the light green check - which makes a very cute stegosaurus. And I love the shape of the T-rex. She's also used layered buttons for the eyes, which are also a great touch. There has been much (mostly) good-natured scrapping over the ownership of these 2 - it's so hard to share things that are this much fun!

Then the wonderful T-shirts with more dinosaurs... I know I posted these pics yesterday, but the boys are so gorgeous & the shirts so fantastic that I am going to indulge myself and post them again.

And best of all are the appliqued pennants! The boys were so delighted - they are very keen on pointing out who owns what at the moment ('that's my book', 'that's my puzzle', 'that's my....' repeat ad nauseam) so the fact that these had their names on was a HUUUGE hit. I had to rush round finding string, hammer & nails so that we could put them up over their beds straight away. Jill has made a great job of these too - making use of their favourite colours & some lovely fabrics.

We also got some super cute finger puppets, some dinosaur fossils (not the real thing, lol) and some extremely exciting American sweets. I also got a piece of lovely floral fabric & buttons! I feel like we really got lucky when we got matched with Jill & Nature Girl for our swap. Huuge thanks again for them & to Chloe at Mee Crafty for organising it all.


jillytacy said...

I love the pictures! They look so cute! I am very glad to see them enjoying their goodies! We had a great time picking out and creating dinos goodies for the boys! We we're thrilled with our package too!
This swap was a ton of fun! Thank you Ali & boys for a great swap and thanks to Chloe for organizing the swap.

Caroline said...

Wow, those are amazing! Love love love the fleecy dinos - I want to make some too!

You are so lucky :)

Liza said...

What a fantastic idea. If I ever get enough time to do crafty things again, I'll definitely be looking out to do some swapping - I'll be hoping for someone like Jill and Nature Girl to swap with! Their items are fantastic. Your boys look really made up Ali, hope they get lots of enjoyment from their gifts.

mandi said...

wow ali... what fantastic gifts! the cuddly dinos are adorable - as are your boys in their fab dino t-shirts :-)