Friday, 12 September 2008

I can't resist doing another swap...

I had such a good time doing my 1st two swaps that I couldn't help signing up for another one, run by Jill at Life With Nature Girl. It's a book swap for kids, which is great for my 2 because they love stories... At the moment their favourites are Oi Get Off Our Train by John Burnigham (always popular with adults and children in our house) and The Bear by Raymond Briggs (the 1st of many by Raymond Briggs I hope). I really enjoy selecting new books for them & I am really looking foward to picking something out for our swap partner. That is, of course, if we survive our camping holiday next week - it could be that we never escape the mud...

I've got loads of stuff on the go, craft-wise at them moment but not much finished. I realise that I am absolutely terrible at finishing stuff. I have a whole series of crochet animals which are just requiring some finishing touches - my boys have made up a chant: "a squirrel with no eyes, a frog with no eyes, an elephant with one eye, an octopus with 2 eyes" etc., etc. There's also 6 sets of hair clips requiring clips, a tiny little felt bunny that looks like it's been dismembered. Not to mention all the half done Xmas decorations that I was trying to get ahead with, hahaha.

As a result this blog post is extremely short on photos, so I thought I would include a pic of the amigurumi (there's that word again) frog I designed and made for Lottie as part of the Fairy Tale Swap. I am most pleased with him - although he does look rather drunk I think. I think what takes him out of the ordinary is the gorgeous Rowan Scottish Tweed Yarn in Lovat (what a gorgeous name...)that I used.

Oooh, and I found another local wool shop - hurrah! It's a teeny tiny little place called Dream Wools in Tunstall (ST6 6BD), but it is packed with all kinds of goodies - Debbie Bliss, Sirdar, etc. I got some of the softest yarn imaginable - a total impulse buy - some baby llama stuff called Miski. It is woven in Peru under the auspices of The Mirasol Project which supports communities there. So that helped me feel a little bit less guilty about something I really don't need. I also failed to ask for (or maybe keep) the receipt so I have to use it for something for myself... :) :)

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jillytacy said...

I'm so glad you joined the swap! We had so much fun swapping with you!

Like you I have many unfinished projects and even more projects on my to do list! I can't keep up with everything I want to try creating but I keep adding more to the list! Maybe someday I'll cross everything off the list.
I love your little frog. He's perfect and doesn't look drunk! I did have to giggle when I read that. I hope you have a great camping trip!