Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Our parcel from Utah has arrived!!

Oh wow! We had so much excitement here yesterday when our One Good Book Swap package from Fischer & his mum arrived for Dan & Tom. They have been so generous & made some great choices for my lads.

Here's the anticipation - they loved their names being on the outside of the parcel!

Lisa & Fischer had sent some gorgeous little treasure boxes full of all kinds of fab things - stickers, sweets, little books, bear sticking books, bear pillowcases (thank you SO MUCH Fischer's grandma), bear cookie cutters & bear Xmas ornaments. Just look how pleased they are with their boxes:

They couldn't believe how many little gifts they found in the treasure boxes!

And there were even more things in the parcel! Two lovely books - Growing Up Grizzly & Sleepy Bears - which are both delightful. We have already learnt so much about bears that we didn't know before. We have also looked up about the USA & Utah in our atlas & so the boys know a little bit about where Fischer lives. We've all been interested to read about the Great Salt Lake, Salt Water Taffy, Grizzly Bears & Bald Eagles!

Here's a huge display of everything they got:

An enormous thank you to Lisa and Fischer for this wonderful parcel - the sticking alone has kept the boys occupied for the last couple of days. They have especially loved the 2 bear sticking/counting books. This is just the kind of thing that they love & we got down to doing some sticking straight away:

This has been such a fab experience! Thanks so much to Jill at Life With Nature Girl for organising the swap - we have had a great time & hope to keep in touch with our swap partners.


jillytacy said...

WOW! What a great swap package!! The kids look so excited...who wouldn't be if they got that package in the mail! Fabulous! I'm so glad everyone has enjoyed the swap. The kids excitement, the fabulous packages and making new friends makes swapping so much fun! I've made great bloggy friends through swaps!

Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

What a relief! I am so glad that the box finally made it to you and that the boys liked it! Hooray! Thank you again for a fabulous exchange, we had a wonderful time and we've read the Bear hunt book a million times already and have gone on about that many "real' hunts for bears around our house! It turns out we have quite the infestation of bears... they are hiding in just about every corner of every room of our home! Who knew?