Saturday, 1 November 2008

Colinette Yarns

I'm learning about new yarns all the time - it's so exciting, addictive & erm, well, purse-emptying. I am now in the terrifying position of having a quite wonderful wool shop just minutes away, and it's so much easier to buy stuff 'just in case' when you don't have to pay the postage... So it's always great when a custom order means that I can buy some yarn without having to feel guilty about it. A friend has asked for 3 custom knit scarves for Christmas gifts & I've had a lovely time suggesting some yarn options. I was looking for something that would knit up in a bumpy, slubby way, that was quite chunky & came in lots of lovely colours.

A quick trip to the shops established that the beautiful variegated colours & bumpy style of Colinette Prism & Colinette Grafitti fit the bill very well. The yarn pictured is Colinette Grafitti in Cezanne. Gorgeous to work with. There is something very inspiring about working with materials that are of such great quality. Colour is a big deal for me & I am very impressed by the strong, deep colours of the Colinette yarns.

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Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

You'll have to post a pic of the finished product... I'd love to see how you work your magic with this yarn.