Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I'm still here...

I am so ashamed to see how long it is since I have blogged. I had such good intentions too! I put the blame almost entirely down to the arrival in our house of Mario Kart. I thought I would find it dull, but, erm, I don't... It's great fun to sit down and play racing with the boys!

So it has taken me a while to get these little crochet booties finished. I guess they also took longer than crochet projects usually do because I designed them from scratch and they really are the most complicated thing I've ever done. I am hoping to write up the pattern for my blog, but that's a skill I'm still learning, and I suspect that there are one or two bits that could do with a bit of polishing up. I also need to learn to write things down as I do them!!

These boots are also one of my 50 Things so that's another one to cross off my list - hurrah! I have also got a slouch bag almost done and a commission to make another bag for a friend. And I sold the 2 sets of hairclips I have made since Christmas, so all in all things are looking very positive at the moment. I just have to learn to switch of the Wii now and again.


Gone to Earth said...

These are lovely and seriously cute. Like little hikers boots.

jillytacy said...

You definitely need to write a pattern for these booties. They are so cute! Of course I can barely crochet a chain so they would be way above my level! But they are adorable!
Sounds like you and the boys are having fun with Mario Kart!