Sunday, 22 February 2009

My Owl for the Owl Swap

Yvette has already done a lovely blog post about the owl needle book I sent her as part of the Owl Swap. Yvette's blog is really worth a look - she makes some fab things, so pop round and have a look at what she's been up to.

I feel a bit naughty blogging about the owl I made too, but it's one of my 50 Things so I want to keep a record of it here. I really enjoyed making it - as you can see from the drawing that I made, the finished result is not too far away from the design idea - this happens so rarely it's always thrilling when it works out! And the actual cutting and sewing went without a hitch too - very rare!!

It all came together so well that I've decided to make a couple and put them in the shop - I listed the first one this morning and here it is. I've tweaked the design a little bit - I've lined the outer with felt to make it more sturdy and so that there's room for more needles - and it has turned out very nicely, although I think I prefer the chunkier stitching on the first one.

I've also been working on improving my photos for the shop and for the blog - I am always totally blown away by some of the brilliant images that people create to show off their crafting. I am never entirely happy with mine so I am going to work really hard on that over the next few months. No more pointing and clicking for me!

It's been a long time without posting - thanks to everyone who checks back here occasionally with absolutely no reward! I have posts to write on storage, on tutorials, on Works in Progress and an update to my 50 Things list. I also have a new cupcake needle book to show off (you can see it on Etsy if you want a peak!). And I am very excited that I'm going to be taking part in a fab sounding Time for Tea Swap being organised by Vonnie round at Blotted Copy Book (ace blog - go round and visit immediately). So I'm hoping to be back with another post very soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that :D

I love your owl, what beautiful work. Your swap partner was very lucky to get you.